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Commercial Overview

At ATS Facility Services, we pride ourselves on keeping our partners satisfied by providing expert knowledge and high-quality office cleaning services. Each campus, from small office spaces to commercial office buildings, comes with its own set of cleaning requirements, which is why our office cleaning services are tailored to each workspace. The condition and appearance of a corporate facility, commercial center, or office park plays a significant role in the attitude of both the staff in the buildings and those guests who visit the location. First impressions have a significant impact, whether a company occupies the entire facility or is a tenant in a multi-user complex.

At ATS, we have a long history of working with a variety of corporate headquarters, commercial centers, and office parks. Whether it is a company headquarters or a multi-use office park, our focus is on creating an impressive and inviting atmosphere for your visitors, customers, and tenants, while meeting your unique needs, objectives and necessary legal requirements

International Sanitary Supply Association

ISSA Clean­ing Indus­try Man­age­ment Stan­dard (CIMS)

We oper­ate under the prin­ci­ples of ISSA Clean­ing Indus­try Man­age­ment Stan­dard (CIMS) to deliv­er a more pur­pose­ful, cus­tomer-focused exe­cu­tion of our clean­ing ser­vices. By using state-of-the-art tech­nol­o­gy and opti­miz­ing our busi­ness process­es, we are able to offer our cus­tomers real val­ue and a com­pet­i­tive edge.

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Our education division works to create a cleaner and healthier environment for your students, staff and families in your community. Through our Green Cleaning program, we specialize in increasing air quality and overall cleanliness of your campus. Not only do we aim to increase attendance by improving the cleanliness of your campus, but we drive savings to your bottom line allowing you to keep the dollars in the classroom. ATS partners with our education clients by:

  • Reducing operating costs with our proven efficiency models. Our Pilot Program provides an opportunity to test outsourcing by providing for cost analysis, which on average has resulted in approximately 20% savings to clients.
  • Utilizing stringent criminal background checks including the sex offender checklist to ensure student safety.
  • Providing cleaner schools which are proven to increase attendance as well as test scores.
  • Bundling multiple services such as:
    • Custodial
    • Grounds
    • Light Maintenance
    • Snow Removal
    • Engineering/Maintenance Services

    ATS Facility Services and our parent company AgTac Services, LLC have operated in the industrial market for decades. We understand the challenges and importance of keeping your production lines moving while maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Through our acute industry knowledge of your operations, terminology and schedules we are able to add value to your facility by:

    • Providing a safe and clean facility to help increase productivity.
    • Utilizing our vast knowledge in light and heavy manufacturing facilities to allow you to focus on core business.
    • Maintaining flexible staffing models to allow for changes in site production schedules.
    • Employing a robust safety program.
    • Monitoring a rigid quality control program including scheduled KPI’s, comprehensive employee training and  strict hiring and screening practices.

      Peace of mind is the number one reason our clients choose ATS Facility Services. We take pride in ensuring your building is clean and safe when you arrive in the morning. ATS understands that in order for your employees to be productive they first and foremost need a clean and healthy work environment. Our commercial office experience encompasses many industries including high tech, corporate offices, city and state government offices and financial institutions to name a few. ATS provides benefit to our clients by:

        • Labor work loading to ensure budgeting and cost control measures.
        • Utilizing our Greencare program which is multi-leveled and tailored to each client’s specific needs.
        • Working as a true long-term partner who works diligently to reduce operating costs on a daily basis.
        • Providing our employees with weekly training in cleaning the “ATS Way”, safety and sustainability.

        We understand the level of trust you put in ATS to create an atmosphere that is comforting, safe and healthy. Through advanced training our employees understand the importance of special needs in the healthcare industry and increased demand for adherence to specific procedures. ATS develops our onsite staff and management to tailor our program to meet your site specific needs. Ongoing training in both infection prevention and customer service sets us apart from our competition. We want to be an extension of your medical team to attain the highest level of patient satisfaction.

          ATS cares about the environment and the impact not only on the well-being of our clients but our employees as well. Through our initiatives with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) we offer many

          different levels to assist you in creating a green workplace including such items as:

          • Utilizing microfiber towels and mop heads.
          • Completing all required documentation needed to meet LEED standards.
          • Improving your indoor air quality by utilizing HEPA vacuums, microfiber towels, and other LEED certified sustainable equipment.
          • Offering our clients detailed daily cleaning programs.
          • Using approved green cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly paper products.
          • Utilizing our tools to define custodial effectiveness and implement strategies to become more efficient.
          • Providing our clients with a sustainability assessment.
          • Promoting site specific recycling programs, air quality monitoring and appropriate tracking.